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Proactive Logistics: You set the goal. We make it simple.
Listen, analyze, understand your goals and provide the most simple solutions. The most efficient. The one tailored to your needs.

This is Proactive Logistics.
It does not matter if it looks difficult or impossible. Our vision of Logistics is proactive. This means we are not limited by the point of origin or destination of your goods: we always provide the solution so that they arrive on tima and in perfect conditions.

With more than 35 years of experience we have proved our flexibility, trustworthiness and our service oriented philosophy.

We are providers of confidence
  • Because we are systematic providers of some of the biggest companies in the world, clients who chose us, not only because we find solutions to their every day difficulties in moving goods from one place to another, but also because we find security and confidence in the solutions our organization provides.
  • Because we are the first logistics provider and distribution center to obtain the ISO 9002 Quality certification, issued by ÖQS and IQNET in the Uruguayan logistics hub.
  • Because we have recently achieved the ISO 28000 certification.
  • Because from origin to final destination, passing through our regional logistics hubs at Uruguayan Free Trade Zones, we design the necessary routes to deliver goods to their target markets.
  • Because with our professional and experienced team as well as last gen tech support, our organization covers the planet through a worldwide net of agents.
  • Because operating globally without exceptions, we focus on the information our clients need to track their goods.


Florida, 1237, CP: 11100
Montevideo, Uruguay
Tel.: (598) 2902 0366

Atención las 24 horas: (598) 95 063 242